About Us:
Hiners' H3 Ranch is owned and operated by brothers, Jimmy and Eddie Hiner and their families.  We have been in the cattle business for our entire lives.  Hiners' H3 Ranch was established in 1989.  Our ranch is located near Independence, Kansas.  Jimmy and Eddie established a partnership as they established the ranch.  We are a family oriented cattle ranch and backgrounding/finishing feedyard.  Each member of our two families play an entricate role daily operations. 

We are here to meet your backgrounding and/or finishing needs.  If you are interested in us feeding your cattle, please give us a call!  


Contact Information:
Phone:         Jimmy Hiner            (620) 332-4501
                   Eddie Hiner              (620) 332-4475

Email:          jetrucking@hinersh3ranch.com
Fax:             (620) 289-4158