400 Heifer Pairs

Taken March 10, 2014

400 head of coming 2 year old black Angus 1st calf heifer pairs.  These are for sale now.  We are selling them with a live calf at their side.  Will not be ready for delivery until live calf is on the ground.  Heifers weigh between 975 and 1100 lbs. before calving.  All bred to McCabe Genetics Registered Black Angus Bulls.  They are AI'd to calve within 60 days.  McCabe Genetics Registered Black Angus Bulls were put on to clean-up.  They were ultra-sounded on October 21, 2013.  Heifers began calving on January 20 and will continue through mid-April.

Taken February 15, 2014

Taken January 25, 2014

Taken December 30, 2013